Little Red
Gold Wire Pendants
Utah Tiffany Opal
53 carat Utah Tiffany Opal. Lovely purple in this gemstone! Wrapped in 14 kt gold wire
Pink Peruvian Opal
5.5 carat Faceted Pink Peruvian Opal. 14 kt gold filled wire sculpted around stone. A delicate pendant that makes a statement!
Laguna Agate
34.5 carat Laguna agate set in 14 kt gold filled wire. Waves of pink with a pillow of red flow through this gemstone
Pink Cats Eye
32 carat flashy Pink Cats Eye in 14 kt gold filled wrap setting.
Sunstone pendant
Gorgeous Sunstone from China. Gemstone is tan, orange, and pink hues with metalic flecks that catch any light. Beautiful earring are also available.
35.34 ct Amethyst Pendant in Gold
Large Deep 35.34 Carat Top Cut Amethyst Gemstone in a Classic Sculpted Setting.
Amazonite Pendant
Amazon Blue Gemstone with a thin river of light grey bisecting diagonaly across the gem!
Apache Gold pendant
Apache Gold pendant. Midnight black gemstone with gold spiderwebbed throughout. Dramatic pendant!
Russian Eudialyte Pendant
Russian Eudialyte captured in 14 kt g/f wrap. Beautiful red black with some green matrix. Pendant is 33 carats and measures 2 x 1 inches
Rutilated Quartz Sculpted Pendant
Sculpted Rutilated Quartz in 14 kt gold filled. Clear quartz with black needles. Gemstone is 45.5 carats. Pendant measures 3 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches
Gray Louisiana Opal 35 Carats
RARE! 35 carat Louisiana Opal set in 14 kt. gold filled setting. A true one of a kind pendant! These opals originated from the Hidden Opal Mine in Louisiana which closed in 1993. Most of these gemstones are either with collectors or gem cutters. Purchasing this pendant is to own a rare piece of jewelry! I have very few pieces of this stone. This pendant measures 2 1/3 x 14/16 inches.
Chinese Pietersite Pendant
Chinese Pietersite with swirling blues and reds. Wrapped in 14kt g/f. Gemstone is over 18 carats. Pendant measures 1 3/4 x 7/8 inches
Russian Rodengite
29 carat Russian Rodengite stone in 14 carat gold. Light purple with clouds of white floating through the gemstone.
Blue Calcite in Bronze
This is comprised of blue calcite which has been compressed and stabilized with added bronze veining. The pendant measures approximately 2 3/16 x 1 inches.
Zebra Jasper in Gold
14kt Gold Filled wire and Zebra Jasper cabochon. This pendant measures approximately 2 1/8 x 1 5/8 inches
46ct Fairy Opal Pendant
This is a LARGE pendant of a solid Australian Fairy Opal that is 46 carat. This does have red and green pin fire. Fairy Opal Matrix is found around the outback opal town of Jundah Western Queensland. The pendant measures approximately 3 1/8 x 1 inches.
Ocean Jasper with Druzy
This is a Ocean Jasper pendant with a green and white crystal druzy pockets in a red and green background. Beautiful stone from Madagascar . The pendant measures approximately 2 15/16 x 1 7/16 inches.