Little Red
Dichroic Glass Earrings
Black base Rainbow $20.00
Black base dichoic earrings with rainbows.
Fuchsia Rounds $20.00
Fuchsia Round dichroic
Green Blue rounds $20.00
Green blue dots dichroic earrings.
Purple Stripe Dichroic $20.00
Purple Stripped Dichroic Earrings. Pendant is available to match
Red Lava Earrings $20.00
Red and orange lava earrings. Pendant available to match
Round Sunsets $20.00
Round sunsets at the beach! Dichroic earrings
Triangle Rainbow Dichroic
Triangle glass dichroic earrings with Rainbows!
3 Dichro Long
Three small squares of Dichroic glass make up these earrings.
Blue dots
Mike's Earrings
My husband actually made these! Three small squares of Dichroic glass :)
Purple Crosses $20.00
Purple and pink with black crosses.
Blue green triangle dots $20.00
Blue green dots triangle dichroic earrings
Triangle Blues $20.00
Trangles with blues and greens
Orange, red, and blue $20.00
Orange, red and blue dichroic earrings
Orange Radium Earrings
Orange Radium with
blues and green
bubbles.  Very cool!!