Little Red
Hand crafted jewelry....for the unique you!
Jewelry is an expression of self.
Why would you choose to wear
jewelry like everyone else?  You
want something that expresses you.  
Unique, one of a kind, there is no
other like you.  That's what you can
find here.  Unique gemstones,
cameos, and faceted gemstones.  A
true expression of how special you
Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted with the
gemstone and customer in mind.  I use only
sterling silver and 14 karat gold filled wire.  
Why pay for "silver toned" or "gold toned"
jewelry when the real thing is affordable?  You
can find one of a kind silversmithed, wire
wrapped, dichroic glass jewelry.  This makes
every piece of jewelry one of a kind and unique
to you!
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